Your Echo International localization team will deliver:

Linguistic Accuracy Content translations, including industry terms, must be clear and correct. Translation memory tools, company-specific glossaries, and language-specific style guides automate the translation process, making it faster and less expensive while ensuring linguistic consistency.

Technical Functionality Echo engineers ensure that the code is independent of any cultural conventions and can perform on multiple operating platforms, accommodating various languages and locales without the need for costly repetitive programming changes. Our expertise includes .NET, ASP, and JSP platforms, HTML and XML mark-up languages, and Java and Flash technologies.

Cultural Fit The cultural expression of your site (local standards of dates and times, use of colors and graphics, regional preferences, and even humor) will ultimately determine the site’s acceptance and success. Our localization experts make sure the site is culturally appropriate and will be readily embraced by the target audience.

Professional Management  Our project management teams function as an extension of your organization. Experienced, dedicated, and responsive, they are assigned to your project based on your requirements and their qualifications and remain with it until completion. Echo managers establish objectives, timetables, and budgets and maintain continuous contact with you to ensure satisfaction.

Smooth Workflow  Echo project managers identify risks early in the planning stage, where they are easily resolved, and plan for simultaneous releases of fully localized and tested versions of your site – reducing the time to move into multiple markets and ensuring consistency across all versions of your site.

  • Your localized site is structured so you retain control over corporate-level content while allowing area offices to update local content.
  • To leverage content re-use, we develop a specialized content management system to evolve with your site, significantly reducing retranslation costs.
  • Translations and cultural adaptations undergo stringent evaluations, including proofreading and independent reviews.
  • Prior to deployment, our web localization engineers test your site for full functionality on local operating systems.
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