Your Echo International translation team will deliver:

Languages  Echo International’s in-house staff and worldwide network of professional translators can handle any business language, industry, or field of specialization. We offer all major European, Asian, Latin, and middle Eastern languages as well as numerous less common languages.

Content  We can translate any type of print or online content for any purpose or market. Whether it’s marketing material, a legal document, or a technical manual, it receives the complete attention of a translator familiar with the genre and the industry.

Deadlines  We meet your deadlines by expertly managing the process - drawing on our network of translators located across multiple time zones and using the latest translation software and other technology tools.

Management  Our project management teams function as an extension of your organization. Experienced, dedicated, and responsive, they are assigned to your project based on your requirements and their qualifications and remain with it until completion. Echo managers establish objectives, timetables, and budgets and maintain continuous contact with you to ensure satisfaction.

Workflow  From project inception to final delivery, regardless of the number of target languages and subject areas, your written source content flows through project management, quality control, and production processes designed to achieve letter-perfect results on time, every time.

  • We handle any special formatting required by the target language and we can accept your source materials and deliver your translated text and graphics in whatever format you require.
  • Our language specialists determine when and how to involve human translators, apply software tools to assist with translations, and conduct quality assurance checks.
  • Your translated content is stored in translation memories. Over time, this enriches your language databases, ensuring linguistic consistency while reducing retranslation costs and time to market.
  • Electronic style guides and glossaries speed the translation process while maintaining accuracy. 
  • Echo International’s meticulous content management system ensures efficiency and accuracy.
  • Quality assurance checks occur at every step in the process and involve language specialists, localization engineers, and independent editors.
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