Translation + Localization Services



Business is your first language. We speak your second.

Echo International draws on three decades of professional experience in the translation and localization business. Our support for your projects is comprehensive:

Our worldwide network of writers, editors, translators, localization engineers, and DTP specialists is at your service.

We join forces with technology companies at the forefront of innovation.

True and effective localization in the language and culture of your industry and your customers.

Our in-house team of project and supply-chain managers are in charge of our global resources, with specialists in localization, desktop publishing, and quality control backing them up.

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Translation Services

You cannot afford a bad translation. In the world of business, law, medicine, or science, the consequences of an inadequate or inaccurate translation can be more than just a momentary embarrassment: it could do damage to your finances, reputation, or success.

Since 1984, Echo International has specialized in providing flawless translations into and from all languages of global commerce. We have partnered with medical, technical, financial, legal, industrial manufacturing, eLearning, and scientific businesses and organizations since the beginning. Many of them remain our loyal clients.

At Echo International, we understand that translation is a sensitive and serious business. We support you over the entire course of your translation project - simplifying the project and reducing cost and risk. Our experienced project management teams bring their expertise to your project, supervising every stage and applying the most advanced translation and software management tools.

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Website Localization

Website localization is the art and science of modifying a single-language website for multiple foreign markets. It can also mean creating a new website for those markets from scratch.

In the Internet age, your websites are powerful tools, broadcasting your services and capabilities to the world. Adapting them for local customers amplifies your message at home and abroad. The result is increased brand recognition and revenue at home and abroad.

Echo International will partner with you through the entire localization timeline, simplifying the process and reducing cost and risk. We deploy experienced project management teams, expert translation and linguistic resources and leading edge content management tools. Further, our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance system and proven excellence in customer service ensure superior results for your localization needs.

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Software Localization

Customers expect your software applications to "speak" their language. At Echo International, we know that software localization - translating and culturally adapting your applications for international markets – is critical in today's global economy. Globalized versions of your applications can sharpen your competitive advantage.

Echo International will partner with you through the entire localization timeline, simplifying the process and reducing cost and risk. Our commitment to quality means we test everything - from the user interface to online help systems to all documentation and collateral. The result is software that performs flawlessly in every market, every time.

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