Specialized courses

English as a Second Language VIP (Very Intensive Program) Course

Very Intensive Programs are fast, effective and intense when you need language skills right away. This course is offered on a one-to-one basis unless the client has a small group to train, in which case the group must test at the same proficiency level and have the same objectives. VIP immersion programs range from one to eight weeks long, with 35 hours of instruction per week. 

All day, even during lunch, you'll speak, listen and think in your new language. A team of natively fluent instructors provide exposure to a variety of accents and vocabulary, so students acquire correct pronunciation, the latest idioms, and the ability to comprehend different speaking styles.

The VIP immersion blends classroom-based learning and off-site, hands-on excursions that complement the curriculum and each student’s objectives. These activities will expose you to just about every linguistic setting you could encounter: visiting a bank or post office, going to a restaurant or café, going grocery or clothes shopping, attending a business meeting or seminar, going to a sporting event and more. When time is critical, an Echo VIP is the most effective way to learn a new language fast. 

English as a Second Language Semi-Intensive Training Course

The semi-intensive immersion programs range from two to eight weeks long, with a minimum of 15 hours of instruction per week in Business Communication or General English. This is a condensed version of the VIP course; teacher-accompanied lunches and off-site excursions are not included. This course is also offered in some select foreign languages. Contact us for details.

30-hour Small Group or Private English as a Second Language or Foreign Language Business Communication Courses

Students meet with an instructor two or three times per week for 90-minute or 2-hour sessions. As with all of our trainings, the prospective student will discuss his/her goals and objectives with the training manager and instructor before the training begins. A proficiency assessment may also be administered when applicable. A customized and tailored program is designed with the students’ goals, learning style and proficiency level in mind.

Executive Language Course for Business Professionals

This course is designed for professionals that have an interest in learning the fundamentals of a handful of languages; for example, those who travel extensively for business or host international business travelers in the US. These students understand that speaking the language of their target market, even on a basic level, will help them establish relationships and develop business opportunities more easily. 

Echo instructors will introduce and practice such “survival” language as meeting and greeting, understanding currency and numbers, tipping, taxi culture, asking for directions, expressing thanks, saying you’re sorry, proper pronunciation and much more. Typically, the course looks at 4 common business languages of your choice with 5-6 hours of training for each.

Country/Regional and Survival Language Seminar Series for Business Professionals

This more focused seminar series consists of three 90-minute sessions and is also designed for those involved in international business travel. The objective of the series is to provide participants with relevant cultural information to help them prepare for travel and work in their target country or region. Echo instructors will provide need-to-know topical information as well as practical “survival” words and phrases practiced through role playing and simple dialogues. These seminars are conducted strictly in English, so no previous knowledge of the target language is required.

TOEFL Preparation

Once we determine that your current proficiency level is high enough to study for the TOEFL, our instructors will guide you through specific strategies for taking the test. They will provide you with targeted practice and tips, utilize the most current learning materials and ensure that you are fully prepared, confident and successful on test day.

*Echo International does not provide group training as public courses. Group trainings are possible when the client has a group of individuals to train onsite at their location. The prospective students need to test at relatively the same proficiency level and wish to reach the same goals and objectives.


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