Software Localization

Software localization – translating and culturally adapting your applications for international markets – is critical in today’s global economy. Your customers expect your software applications to “speak” their language, and increasingly, your competitive advantage depends on your ability to release globalized versions of your applications – simultaneously and within your budget. 
Echo International will partner with you through the entire localization timeline, simplifying the process and reducing cost and risk. We deploy experienced project management teams, expert translation and linguistic resources and leading edge content management tools. Further, our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance system and proven excellence in customer service ensure superior results for your localization needs.

Technical  Localizinga software application is more than just translating the text. When coding, we separate form from content, extracting all translatable elements of your application so it can be quickly rebuilt in any target language.
Cultural  Echo International translates and localizes your application’s user interface to accommodate the language and cultural norms of the end user. Our localization experts make sure your application is culturally appropriate and will be readily embraced by the target audience – even online help is translated and adapted.
Management  Our project management teams function as an extension of your organization. Experienced, dedicated, and responsive, they are assigned to your project based on your requirements and their qualifications and remain with it until completion. Echo managers establish objectives, timetables, and budgets and maintain continuous contact with you to ensure satisfaction.
Workflow  Echo project managers identify risks early in the planning stage, where they are easily resolved, and plan for simultaneous releases of fully localized and tested versions of your applications – reducing the time to move into multiple markets and ensuring consistency across all versions.

  • For consistency and cost-saving content re-use, Echo International translates and localizes manuals, training materials, packaging, and marketing materials.
  • To leverage content re-use, we develop a specialized content management system to evolve with your application, significantly reducing retranslation costs.
  • Echo International’s experience with international business and foreign markets enables us to advise you on regulatory issues that could hinder your software release.
  • The application’s source language, including help systems, is translated into various target languages.
  • Translation memory tools, company-specific glossaries, and language-specific style guides automate the translation process, making it faster and less expensive while ensuring linguistic consistency.
  • Our DTP specialists apply any target locale formats, adjust files as necessary for text expansion, and regenerate tables of content and indices – all in your original file format.
  • Translations and cultural adaptations undergo stringent evaluations, including proofreading and independent reviews.
  • Prior to deployment, our software engineers test your application for full functionality in the target operating environments.
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