Optimizing Source Content

"If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success." - Confucius

The more optimized and globally-minded your source content is, the more streamlined the translation process will be. During a typical translation project, it can take as much time to clarify source material issues as it takes to actually translate the content.

Echo International's writers and editors specialize in optimizing source content to prepare it for translation. Partnering with your subject matter experts or in-house writing team, we can write or update your source material and structure it for fast, accurate translation and localization.

The Echo team can write, edit, update, and design wherever you have need:
• Technical documentation
• Material safety data sheets
• Directions for use
• E-learning courses, training manuals, and help files
• Legal documents and patents
• Corporate communications
• Marketing materials and sales proposals
• Website content
• Software applications and interfaces
• Packaging and labels

Even small issues can take valuable time to resolve during the translation process. For example, a new acronym in source content triggers questions: Is the acronym recognizable in the target market? Is there a corresponding local term? If not, do the initials of the translated phrase match the original acronym?

Translators in each target market must then work through the issue, and each translation string must be shuttled back and forth for client approval and quality control validation. Multiply this by the number of issues in a typical source file, and it's clear that this is an area ripe for improvement. Echo International's writers and editors can help. Whether working on existing content or partnering upfront to develop a consistent editorial approach, our team can help you streamline your global content development, optimize your source content and save time during translation and localization.


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