Echo Employee Visits Brazil with Habitat for Humanity

June 7, 2013—Emily Shearer goes to Brazil with a 12 person team from Greater Pittsburgh Habitat for Humanity.

 After 9 months of team preparation and fundraising, Emily travelled with 11 other local volunteers to the small town of Feira Nova, Brazil for a Global Village trip. Feira Nova is an underprivileged suburb of the town of Limoeiro. Habitat Brazil has been working there for two years on a 100 home development project, primarily for the women who work at the local flour mills.

The group of 12 volunteers spent 10 days building two new homes from the ground up and completed the interior and exterior painting of two more. All of the homes worked on in Feira Nova are scheduled to be completed by August 2013.

It was truly an amazing experience, one that will never be forgotten and one that Emily wishes everyone in life could experience. It was a privilege to work alongside the locals and be accepted so warmly in their community. The most beautiful part of the trip was bonding with the team of masons and support crew.  Even with the language barrier, we found ways to communicate. It just goes to show how few words are actually needed to make a lasting connection when you have the heart, dedication, and passion to serve others.  Learn more about Habitat for Humanity and other Global Village Trip opportunities here:

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