New Echo International Division Helps Prepare Companies to Do Business in China

PITTSBURGH, PA, US— Companies that need to navigate China’s complex business environment now have a fresh resource. Echo Insight, a new division of long-time translation firm Echo International, has launched an interactive online course that prepares users to successfully do business with their Chinese counterparts.

Called Intercultural Awareness: China, the course is full of useful information that users can immediately apply in business situations, including how to mitigate risks of potential reputation and financial losses due to miscommunication; negotiate more effectively through intermediaries and interpreters; successfully position one’s company in China’s high-growth marketplace; and interact confidently with one’s Chinese counterparts.

According to David Iwinski, Managing Director of Jin Fu Consulting and an expert on China and American business, in the next three years, China’s rapidly growing middle class will swell to over four hundred million consumers eager for high quality goods and services, and in the next eight years over one trillion dollars will flow from China into the US economy as investment.

“This should be a huge positive for the US economy and American firms,” Iwinski said. “However, the unfortunate reality is that many US companies that should take advantage of these opportunities will instead fail to realize the full benefit because they lack the skills and knowledge of how to effectively work with Chinese business.”

Echo Insight’s comprehensive courses are designed and vetted by intercultural trainers, international business executives, and top university professors. Users access the self-paced courses online, from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. This learning format is especially useful for frequent business travelers.

Echo International launched its Echo Insight division to provide high-quality, web-based cultural training and live consulting to businesses and individuals. Intercultural Awareness: China is the first in a series of Echo Insight courses. A free course demo can be viewed at

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