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Translation FAQ


Who does your translations?
Echo International has contractual relationships with experienced, professional translators located around the world, as well as partnerships with global leaders in machine and on-demand translation. Our human translators are native speakers of their target languages and have demonstrated subject matter expertise in their chosen fields. All Echo translators are regularly tested and monitored to ensure the highest quality translation.
Are your translators certified?
Although certification standards vary widely around the world, Echo International uses translation and linguistic resources based on a rigorous assessment of academic credentials, work experience, and demonstrated competency in the translator’s stated subject areas. Further criteria include proficiency in the standard software tools of the industry, sense of urgency, and professionalism.
Why shouldn’t I use my own employees or distributors for translation services?
Professional translators are similar to professional technical writers. They combine acquired knowledge of one or several industries or subject areas with excellent writing skills, a keen sense of deadlines and urgency, and knowledge of the latest software tools – all of which help to maximize the translation workflow and ensure consistency.


Why do I need to translate anything? Doesn’t the whole world speak English?
English is without doubt the lingua franca of global commerce. It is used widely at global conferences, in scientific papers, and at major hotels. Indeed, some large global firms have adopted English as their official language. However, English proficiency among the general population varies widely around the world. While English is common in the boardroom, it may not be well understood on the factory floor, where instructional and operating manuals, safety warnings and other directives need to be understood with precision and clarity. An equally compelling reason for translating documents and websites into a customer’s native language is that the buyer wants and expects native language content and is more than three times as likely to buy in their native language. Moreover, your foreign competitors will be certain to make the effort to present their case in the customer’s language, so that not translating places you at a competitive disadvantage.
Do you provide literal translations?
The term “literal translation” is often misunderstood and tends to have a negative connotation. Virtually all buyers of translations want an accurate translation - one that faithfully mirrors the meaning, style and intent of the original document. In that sense, the best translation is one which doesn’t read like a translation at all. There are, however, situations where a “transcreation” is best; for example, in advertising or marketing content. In transcreation, the translator is given license to render the translation in a more free manner in order to fit the culture and preferences of the intended audience. Company slogans, for example, often need to be transcreated or simply left in English.
How long does it take to translate documents?
The accepted rate is 2,500 words per translator per day, but the actual turnaround is influenced by a number of variables: file preparation, glossary compilation, terminology, research, subject matter, formatting, and in the case of web and software localization, engineering and testing. Once deadlines are agreed upon with the client, Echo International guarantees on-time delivery.
Do you use Machine Translation?
Echo International has partnered with Safaba, a company founded by language technology experts from Carnegie Mellon University, to integrate automated translation where justified by volume and type of content. In all instances, however, content designed for publication by print or web will go through human editing.
Do you do same day translations?
Documents of 1000 words or less may be completed in one day, but a rush fee may apply.
How do you manage website updates across all languages?
We have the capability to manage those updates on your website, or you may send us files to translate that we then send back so you can update yourself.
How can I track my projects?
Simply login to our EchoConnect client portal, and you can track projects from start to finish.
What are your provisions for missing deadlines?
In the rare instances that deadlines are missed without extenuating circumstances, Echo International offers monetary compensation according to an agreed-upon schedule.
How can I request translation services?
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